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  1. Vaccine reluctance and refusal are no longer limited to the margins of society. Debates around vaccines' necessity -- along with questions around their side effects -- have gone mainstream, blending with geopolitical conflicts, political campaigns, celebrity causes, and natural lifestyles to win a growing number of hearts and minds. Today's anti-vaccine positions find audiences where they've.
  2. 13 hours ago · This episode of Stuck in Vermont was supported by New England Federal Credit Union. Tags: Stuck in Vermont, gonyaw horse farm, horses, brownington, pandemic, outdoor activities, Video.
  3. I’m stuck. stuck on If you get stuck on a difficult word, just ask for help. 4 → be stuck with something 5 → be stuck with somebody 6 → be stuck for something 7 → get stuck in/get stuck into something 8 → be stuck on somebody THESAURUS stuck [not before noun] fixed or trapped in a particular position or place and unable to move or.
  4. stick (one) with (someone or something) To burden one with someone or something that is undesirable, troublesome, or irritating. I can't believe everyone else left and stuck me with the bill! They always stick us with the new interns, most of whom are barely old enough to drive themselves to work each morning. See also: stick stick with (someone or.
  5. "Stuck With U" was released as a charity single on May 8, , accompanied by a music video created with the help of the fans and celebrities (Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Bublé, Kendall Jenner etc) which sent in footage of their activities while staying at home during the outbreak of the COVID pandemic.
  6. 10 hours ago · Ellen Pompeo revealed the main reason she’s stuck with “Grey’s Anatomy” all this time simply comes down to financial security. The actress has appeared on the popular medical drama as the.
  7. be stuck on something or someone (Slang) be infatuated with, be obsessed with, be keen on, be enthusiastic about, be mad about, be wild about (informal), be hung up on (slang), be crazy about, for, or over (informal) She's stuck on him because he was her first lover.
  8. Arts, entertainment, and media Films. Stuck, a short film directed by Jamie Babbit; Stuck, a Canadian TV drama directed by Lindsay Bourne; Stuck, a thriller directed by Stuart Gordon and starring Stephen Rea and Mena Suvari; Stuck!, a film by Steve Balderson Stuck, a American film; Music Albums and EPs. Stuck, a album by hard rock band Adelitas Way.

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