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Untitled - Myungho Choi - Vehicle (Vinyl)

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  2. Ohhh-h-h maaan, I have had this CD FIRMLY ensconced in my car stereo for the last five days and it always gets me in the mood to let the stupid day-to-day world sliiiiiiiiiide on passed while I drive, drive, drive. Even when I'm running boring errands, this mix can soothe my furrowed brow/5(15).
  3. Dec 08,  · This is the 22nd installment in a 32 part series from Myungho Choi. A NY based deep house dj by way of Cleveland, OH. Every mix in this series is awesome. Eq.
  4. Betty_Marolany-Betty_Marolany-FR-WEBAZF Bombay-Show_Your_Teeth-WEBAZF Dj_Mayass-Kompa_Gouyad_Mix-FR-WEBAZF Mythospheric-Points_Of_View-WEBAZF.
  5. "Well," Soonyoung hedges and clasps his hands together tightly, nervous, "you'll uh, be there. With Myungho." Wonwoo's brow crinkles up in thought and Soonyoung absolutely blames his biology for the instinctual urge to reach over and smooth the lines out. "With Myungho? As in - " Wonwoo drags out, a modicum of what looks like fear settling over.
  6. Apr 17, - Explore 선미's board "transition" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Pictures, Photo, In this moment pins.
  7. Doug Eisengrein, aka dj Skope or dj Scope, is originally from New York City. He grew up in Staten Island, moved to Manhattan, moved to Brooklyn, then headed west in for the sunsets, steep hills and bustling experimental Techno scene of San Francisco.
  8. Myungho Choi is a Swiss design, filthy hip-hop, classic noir, deep house, abstract expressionism junkie from the bowels of the midwest trying suck out the marrow in New York City, aka New Jack City, aka Wall Street hood rats, aka marketing mayhem, aka starving models central, aka the planet.

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