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  1. Wander definition, to ramble without a definite purpose or objective; roam, rove, or stray: to wander over the earth. See more.
  2. to stray or roam into something or some place. A deer wandered into the parking lot and frightened some of the shoppers. Someone wandered in and sat down.
  3. Wonder definition is - a cause of astonishment or admiration: marvel. How to use wonder in a sentence.
  4. wander about To walk casually around (some place) without any definite purpose or destination. We had a few hours to kill before we had to catch our train, so we just wandered about downtown for a while. Could you please give me some directions? I've been wandering about for hours with no idea where to go. See also: wander wander around To walk casually.
  5. Wander is an orange being of an indiscriminate species, with a furry-like stomach. He has large, expressive eyes with black pupils. He is usually seen with a big floppy light green hat with a black stripe above the brim and a yellow star located on the black stripe. The inside of his hat seems to be black as wildepofunlauporterpterthehydmendtof.coinfoent: Good.
  6. wander[′wän·dər] (geophysics) apparent wander (electromagnetism) scintillation wander (gyro) Gyro α at position 1 has its spin axis aligned with true North. The gyro maintains its alignment in space, the direction of true North relative to the gyro changes as the earth rotates and the observer's position in space moves through positions 2 and 3 to.
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  8. wander: [won′dər] Etymology: AS, wandrian 1 to move about purposelessly. 2 to cause to move back and forth in an exploratory manner; for example, in inserting an intrauterine catheter, the tip of the inserter usually must be wandered around the fetal head in the cervix to find a space through which the catheter may be passed upward into the uterus.
  9. Wander task seating delivers comfort and value without drifting from the basics. Its breathable mesh back allows air flow, while the lumbar support provides ergonomic satisfaction. The synchronous tilt control, seat slide, and adjustable arms allow users to achieve optimal flexibility and meet individual needs.

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